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Key issues

WTCSD supports expanding international trade, promoting free and fair trade, preventing copyright infringement, protecting intellectual property rights, and increasing opportunities to market the products and professional services of industries to overseas customers.

    1. Support of transportation initiatives, projects, and programs that facilitate economic growth through the safe and efficient movement of products, goods, services and people.
    2. Support long-term, earmarked and stable federal, state, county and local funding sources for road and highway improvements.
    3. Support funding for improvements to the Port of San Diego for maritime cargo movement and access.
    4. Support the expansion of SDI Airport, to serve the entire region, in order to meet the region's future international passenger, cargo, and business demands.
    5. Support the improvement of the region's rail system for ease of cargo transport for long distances.
    1. There is no question that the United States immigration service and Homeland Security need to protect the USA but a comprehensive approach is needed to facilitate the issue of B1 Visitor Visas to bona-fide business people wishing to attend trade shows, meetings and brief training in the USA.
    2. The WTCSD supports legislative action that:
      1. Speedily evaluates applicants for B1 Visas.
      2. Facilitates the process of applying for B1 Visas.
      3. Issues B1 Visas to foreign business people in a timely and efficient way.
    1. Protecting a trademark, copyright and other intellectual property is important to our companies. The preservation and enforcement of these balanced rights both in the USA and abroad are essential to the free flow of international trade and to the development of an information infrastructure that serves the public interest.
    2. To ensure intellectual property rights are protected, the WTCSD advocates for legislation and trade agreements that protect our companies' intellectual property in the USA and in other countries.
    1. The USA has the most open markets in the world. Our regional companies benefit from being able to purchase the many goods and services available to them from around the world. As a nation, we are economically better off and more secure with open markets. However many foreign markets are not as easily accessible. US exporters of goods and services, as well as farmers, face higher tariffs, quotas and other trade barriers, keeping them from achieving their full export potential. With 96% of the world's consumers living outside of our nation, it is important that the USA enter into trade agreements that reduce barriers to trade.
    2. The WTCSD understands the importance of raising public awareness and support in favor of international trade. In its efforts, the WTCSD supports:
      1. Expansion of international trade as well as Free Trade Agreements and Trade Partnership Agreements with foreign nations where national security is not compromised.
      2. Bi-lateral and multi-lateral trade promotion agreements that further open markets for U.S. products.
      3. The elimination of disincentives impeding international competitiveness of U.S. businesses.
      4. Global environmental protection policies, such policies to also create a "level playing field" between U.S. and foreign trade partners.
      5. The authorization of the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) "fast track" as a means to negotiate and approve trade agreements.
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