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Trade Advocacy


The Advocacy Committee identifies key international trade issues that affect the ability of San Diego companies to trade freely and fairly around the world, and then formulates positions and actions for the WTCSD to pursue.

Committee Procedures

Any Member of the WTCSD may be a member of the Advocacy Committee. All Members of the WTCSD are encouraged to attend meetings of the Advocacy Committee. Any Member of the WTCSD may present an issue for the Advocacy Committee to consider. The Advocacy Committee review all issues presented by Members either at their meetings or electronically. The Committee meets at least four times each year.

It may select particular issues of importance, may form teams to focus on those issues, may select from their ranks a leader for each team, and may make recommendations to the Board of the WTCSD for a position and actions to be taken.

On 7/23/08 the WTCSD Board of Directors granted the Advocacy Committee authority to draft position letters for the President to sign and Staff to distribute and communicate to the media and civic leaders regarding key issues related to international trade, providing at least 48 hours notice in writing to the Executive Committee of actions to be taken. Approval from the Executive Committee is not required for these actions, position letters and communications.

If an issue arises that falls outside the guidelines adopted, the WTCSD's Board of Directors provides direction on the issue to the Advocacy Committee. These guidelines should be used as a tool to evaluate issues, and not be viewed as requirements. The guidelines will not apply in every situation, and the Board and Advocacy Committee should review each issue on a case-by-case basis.
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