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  • 20 Jun 2013 3:55 PM | Anonymous
    World Trade Center San Diego President & CEO, Steve Weathers, and four members of his team met at Bucher Industries Wednesday morning to tour the Bucher storage facility in Otay Mesa. After viewing the U.S. facility they went with a Bucher Inc. driver into Tijuana, Mexico. They were taken to the enormous facilities of Bucher Industries where they saw massive storage space with top of the line security. They met with Owner and WTCSD long-time member, Jaime Gonzalez-Luna, and his team to learn about Bucher’s organization and their plans for the future.

    Bucher Industries Inc. is a Tijuana based incubator that assists companies anywhere from contract manufacturing, to warehousing, to logistics. Bucher Industries is very active in the cross-border community working towards eliminating barriers for import/export between Mexico and the U.S.

    After leaving Bucher Industries we headed to World Trade Center Tijuana. We met with WTC Tijuana CEO, Gregorio Goldstein, as well as I-Xport, a software company that allows for easy flow for businesses going through customs. We had a tour of WTCTJ’s amazing facilities and were very impressed by the architecture as well as the location. We had a brainstorming meeting on how World Trade Center Tijuana and San Diego can work together to improve U.S.-Mexico business transactions as well as provide reciprocal member benefits between our two organizations for our members traveling to Tijuana.

    Keith Arnold
    Manager, Business Development
    World Trade Center San Diego 

  • 20 Jun 2013 3:24 PM | Anonymous

    Highlights from the International Relations Office
    June 2013

    Our office had the distinct honor of meeting His Highness Prince Mired Raad Zeid Al-Hussein of Jordan at a Gala and CEO Roundtable where trade, innovation and humanitarian ideas were exchanged and friendship forged between Jordan and San Diego.  We assisted in outreach for the events which were  hosted and coordinated by our esteemed member, Ms. Jacqueline Isaac (Stephens & Isaac). 

    Thanks to our long-time supporter of WTCSD, Mr. Charles Robins, we attended, as his guests, the 39th Annual Leadership Awards at the UPA C Gala.

    At an event celebrating the Filipino American community of San Diego (FilAmSD) we met with His Excellency, Ambassador Jose L.Cuisia, Jr., the Philippine Ambassador to the U.S., who would welcome a Trade Delegation from World Trade Center San Diego in the future.

    A dinner in honor of Former President Ramos was hosted by the Filipino community and  Glenn Barroga, one of our esteemed members,   was Master of Ceremonies.  Glenn and his wife Pat are long - time friends of President Ramos and Mrs. Ramos.  Mrs. Ramos enjoyed shopping in our local Malls and the President was disappointed he did not have time to play golf…it is not unusual for him (he is 84 years old) to play two rounds of golf in one day!  He is as vibrant a leader as ever and his love for his country and its people is undisputed from the work he does to forge relationships between San Diego and the Philippines…he is truly a hero in his own time!  A Trade Mission to the Philippines is in the works for the future.

    I had the pleasure of seeing them off at the airport as facilitation in arrivals and departures is one of the many services offered by the International Relations Office.

    International Etiquette Corner – Observations and Solutions

    Dire insult! Sitting with one foot draped over the other knee is an absolute insult  anywhere, but most especially, when in the presence of dignitaries from the Middle East and Mexico.

    Salty Issue!  Boarding House Reach!   If you need something (in a dining situation) just ask the person next to you, who will pass the message on to the person nearest the object of your desire,  instead of reaching across the table for the salt!  When asked to pass the salt, pass the pepper shaker along with it.

    The sound of cracking Plastic Bottles/Knuckles!  At a meeting, when no glasses are available and you are served water in the bottle, be aware of the cracking sound of plastic when you squeeze the bottle.  I’ve seen people do this when the bottle is empty just out of habit…body language can be interpreted in many ways and this action shows how nervous one is!   By the way, the same goes for cracking knuckles!

    Marie Betts-Johnson

    International Relations Office
    World Trade Center San Diego 

  • 17 Apr 2013 1:15 PM | Anonymous

    Through the World Trade Center San Diego 2012 Port Tour, I gained a deep appreciation for the complex workings of the major port systems. Our tour took us to the 10th Avenue Marine Terminal, the PASHA automotive terminal as well as the Port of Long Beach. Along the way the attendees had a great time talking shop and networking with one another.  There was quite a diverse set of individuals as we learned upon our introductions on the bus.

    After stopping in Long Beach we were treated to an incredible view of the entire harbor from the top of one of the office buildings. It was a great way to gain perspective of such a busy port and the immense size of the container vessels.

    The most incredible part of our trip was the tour of Long Beach Harbor by boat.  We were able to get up close to the vessels at the port and see how the loading and offloading of these massive ships actually happens.  I felt a great sense of knowledge in having seen these cargo containers being handled.

    At the close of the day we were invited to a networking reception at Cal State Long Beach along with many other industry professionals.  The evening wrapped up with a very interesting point/counterpoint open discuss forum regarding the future of the West Coast ports.

    The entire day was full of discovery, history, information, and fun.  WTCSD has an amazing staff and all the participants were really great people.  I was able to truly visualize the entire process of a supply chain after attending the event.  After hearing me rave about the trip, several of my coworkers can’t wait to attend the 2013 tour.

    Thank you, World Trade Center San Diego for offering the 2012 Port Tour.

    Kellie Myers
    Logistics Coordinator
    Taylor Guitars

    Ports Study Tour 2012 and 2013 Participant

    Register for this year's Port Tour, less than 20 spaces remain! 


  • 21 Mar 2013 3:02 PM | Anonymous

                Never before has the world been so connected. Within the last few decades, technology such as telephones, airplanes and the Internet have allowed us to transport ourselves, and our ideas to places that were unimaginable only a couple generations ago. This technology paired with changing demographics and economies are opening doors where there were only windows.

                The United States is thought of as a saturated market. We all have basic machines, household goods, technological devices, etc. and are only upgrading what we currently own. We’re relatively set on existing products and services, and only those extremely innovative and differentiated new products are successful here because of currently abundant substitutes, existing rivalries, etc. However, the U.S. is only one of about 200 countries, and represents less than five per cent of the world’s population. As a business, if you are only selling your product or service in the U.S., you are only accessing 5% of potential clients. If you are only hiring from within the U.S., you are only accessing 5% of potential talent. If you are manufacturing within the U.S., you are only accessing 5% of resources, best practices and other knowledge resources. A saturated 5% of the total pie is reason enough to explore the world of possibilities. The task is utilizing these trends for the benefit of your organization.

                Attending Nina E. Woodard’s seminar on ‘Developing a Global Mindset’ was extremely insightful and inspiring.  Developing a global mindset is about being open to international possibilities. It’s not about speaking the language fluently, but about listening, seeking understanding and making an effort.  It’s about not taking things at face value but probing for meaning. It’s about interpersonal skills, creating relationships, and being honest, truthful and respectful. It’s about not imposing your ideas and processes onto others but working together, in ways that are mutually beneficial to all parties involved to get the end result accomplished. Anyone can develop a global mindset for their company, no matter their position.

                People are often overwhelmed about crossing international boundaries because they are apprehensive about legal restrictions, trade barriers, language, exporting, shipping, payments, etc. These unknowns are not walls blocking a path to international success, they’re simply questions to be asked. Only by asking the questions can we prepare ourselves to move forward. Having a global mindset is not about merely operating in many countries.  By thinking globally, organizations can acquire talent with diverse skills, cultural backgrounds, and language capabilities bringing more value to the organization. You can access ideas and capital unavailable or unattainable in your current market. Developing a global mindset is more than the sum of having these parts. The success of your organization depends on understanding and interpreting events in markets from around the world and applying in terms of your strengths and opportunities. Having a global mindset can open a world of possibilities. 

    Stephanie Nelson
    International Relations Office

  • 13 Sep 2011 12:33 PM | Anonymous

    (Click 'Read More' below for photos of the event)

    WORLD TRADE CENTER San Diego, in partnership with the Port of San Diego, hosted a 9/11 Commemoration event on Thursday, September 8, 2011 at the Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier.  The theme was peace, prosperity, and diversity through trade. The free public event took place from 2:00-7:00pm and featured various international business displays, first responder vehicles, and a symbolic Commemoration Walk to honor those lost and affected by the tragedy.

    The public enjoyed a performance by the San Diego Master Chorale who opened the ceremony, followed by VIP Speakers that included WTCSD President / CEO, Bella Heule; San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts; Port Commissioner Bob Nelson; San Diego Airport Board Chair Robert Gleason; and Mark Ballam, Director, San Diego State University CIBER, who was presented the Essence of World Trade Award.

    Two beautiful guitars, donated by Taylor Guitars, were given to winners of the opportunity drawing.

    Halfway through the event, San Diego County was crippled by a power outage that affected a three-state area.  But WTCSD powered through with an energetic and exciting performance by the renowned group, Jefferson Starship.


        WTCSD President / CEO Bella Heule                     Jefferson Starship Performs                                          


       USBP Honor Guard on Commemoration Walk                County Supervisor Ron Roberts leads walkers
                                                                                               (3rd from left)    


      Chris Graham, Ross Lopez, Essence Award recipient                    San Diego Master Chorale
      Mark Ballam, Robert Gleason, Bob Nelson


                                        Crowd enjoying the speakers and the concert!    

  • 11 Aug 2011 5:38 PM | Programs WTCSD (Administrator)

    18 delegates from Binzhou, China visited WTCSD on August 11, 2011. As an economy on the rise, the delegates of Binzhou were interested in how to build a sustainable marine economy and the environmental protections necessary for the Bohai Bay.

    Miguel Reyes, Senior Maritime Trade Account Manager, and Michelle White, Senior Environmental Specialist of the Unified Port of San Diego, gave an overview of the Port, including possible import and export opportunities, as well as information about the environmental programs in San Diego and how they are applied by the Port and the community.

    Following the Port presentation, the delegation learned about the capabilities of the World Trade Centers Association.

    Binzhou is located in the northern Shandong Province; north-west of Shanghai and south-east of Beijing.

  • 30 Jun 2011 2:35 PM | Anonymous

    Room for Growth in the Chinese Health Industry

    Wednesday, June 29, 2011 by WTCSD Staff Writer, Mark Ehredt

    WTCSD International Relations Office hosted the Meishan Island Investment & Development Delegation with more than 40 in attendance.  A Chinese lunch was served and David Graham, a representative of the Mayor’s office, David Graham welcomed WTCSD members, potential investors, and representatives of the Meishan Free Trade Port Zone to San Diego and the WTCSD. The Meishan Island Presentation was given by Mr. Jingguo Shi, the project leader, who pointed out important facts about the current and future development of Meishan Island such as its almost 8 square kilometers of unique land development advantages and high investment values.  Mr. Ding Yu of Ningbo Health Group gave the final presentation, explaining the potential growth possibilities within China.  For example, Mr. Yu stated the United States health industry is more than 10% of GDP, whereas China’s health industry is just over 4% leaving plenty of room for growth by comparison.  The guests lingered for more than an hour after the event was scheduled to end and many new relationships were begun.

  • 16 May 2011 12:34 PM | Anonymous

    “The Proverbial Widget Has Changed.”

    Friday May, 6 2011 by WTCSD Staff Writer, Crystal Harris

    WORLD TRADE CENTER San Diego hosted industry leaders to discuss one of the most important issues facing companies today: What does being “green” mean and how can it help a company sustain a competitive advantage? The symposium not only provided insight to companies on how they could move towards a greener future, but also discussed government and industry initiatives related to carbon footprint accounting and reporting.

    Dr. Simon Croom, Professor and Executive Director, Supply Chain Institute of the University of San Diego, gave opening remarks at the symposium and introduced Douglas Sander, Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP, who covered the international aspects of green supply chain. How does a supply chain go green if it is linked to companies in countries all over the world? Sanders stated, “The proverbial widget has changed.”  Matt Clouse, Director of Renewable Energy Policy & Programs, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, discussed U.S. policies and government initiatives, the GHG Reporting Program, and voluntary programs such as Climate Leaders.

    The keynote speaker for the day was Cathy Rodgers, Vice President of Global Opportunities & Business Development for IBM Global Services, who talked about the importance of a green supply chain not only for the current industries, but also for future generations who will receive the benefits from a changing supply chain. Rodgers said, “Change is not about what we do, but rather everything we don’t that makes a difference.” 

    To read more about the symposium and the speakers, please see:
    Global Supply Chain Symposium Article by Crystal Harris.pdf

  • 30 Mar 2011 10:52 AM | Programs WTCSD (Administrator)

    Last night IRO representatives greeted eleven delegates from the Korean National Assembly as they arrived in San Diego.  The group will be hosted by Qualcomm for three days, where they will be attending an IT policy conference focused on enhancement of their understanding of  business models, technology and products.

  • 08 Feb 2011 6:00 PM | Nancy Nicholson (Administrator)

    IRO escorted the Consul General and Vice Consul of Turkey to the gate at the San Diego International Airport to greet the State Minister of Turkey and a delegation of 11 members. The delegation was most interested in touring the California/Mexico border to learn how Customs and Border Protection procedures are conducted and what new plans are in the works. The IRO facilitated arrangements for the  State Minister’s first visit to the city of San Diego.

    Please click on the Facebook link below to see the photos taken at the airport.!/pages/World-Trade-Center-San-Diego/151127081568534

    By: Yelena Zaozernaya

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