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Apple is moving backs their factories from China

19 Dec 2012 9:46 AM | Programs WTCSD (Administrator)
Apple has been assembled their products in China  for year. However in a recent interview with, Apple's new CEO Tim Cook said "Next year we’re going to bring some production to the US,This doesn’t mean that Apple will do it ourselves, but we’ll be working with people and we’ll be investing our money.”

For the United States, this certainly will create more jobs and improve the employment situation.This move could hopefully inspire other companies to move their manufacturer back in the U.S too. It also reflects the fact that Chinese labors prices are not as low as several years ago. With the increasing oil price, transportation cost has also become one of the reasons why companies are moving their factories away from China, either back in the U.S. or to the countries that are closer to the U.S.


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