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How can the WTC San Diego help my business?

We offer a wide range of services to help your small business develop its full potential. We provide research, consulting, educational workshops and other services to help assist you with the intricacies of taking your company international.

How can WTC San Diego help me learn more about foreign markets?

We provide diverse analytical and research tools to our members, supported by a cadre of international graduate students and interns who specialize in different countries and speak numerous languages.

How can other WTC San Diego members be of assistance to my business?

WTC San Diego is comprised of many international businesses offering products, services and expertise that may be helpful to your business. We will connect you to them and them to you as requests and referrals arise.

How can I find out more about job opportunities with member businesses?

Being an active member with WTC San Diego will introduce you to many companies and small businesses. If you are looking for international job leads, we recommend that you leverage our excellent programs and website features. Many events and activities we host provide good networking opportunities to meet new businesses and members who often are in search of skilled international staff.

What benefits do I get around the world in other World Trade Centers?

When traveling internationally or in the US enjoy the services and facilities of our sister WTC's at member rates. For a complete list of World Trade Centers, visit the WTCA website

Is the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) the same thing?

We are often asked if the World Trade Centers Association is the same organization as the World Trade Organization. The answer is NO. The two entities are completely separate organizations with different histories and different objectives.
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